October 12, 2012

Silver Linings Playbook Post Work

Technicolor Hollywood handled all scanning, restoration, conform and color correction work for Silver Linings Playbook by David O. Russell

Premiering at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, Silver Linings Playbook is director David O. Russell’s follow up project to his hit from two years ago, The Fighter.

The film was finished at Technicolor Hollywood in the capable hands of colorist Tony Dustin who also provided his expert eye on The Fighter.  “David has once again created a wonderful ‘character’ piece,” stated Dustin.  “The actors are incredible and poignant in the same manner as The Fighter.  But David wanted this film to have the same gritty, real life feel to that of his other films but at the same time maintain its own look.  Working with Masa and David, I was very pleased with the results.”

Technicolor Hollywood handled all scanning, restoration, conform and color correction work.  Our Digital Cinema team in Burbank created the film’s DCDM and DCP for the Toronto premiere.  And in preparation for TIFF, Colorist Chris Wagley worked with Editor Carl McKay and Producer Matt Bellanger to prepare the film’s theatrical Marketing campaign.

Silver Linings Playbook is a dysfunctional family drama (with comedic overtones) set in Philadelphia and various other Pennsylvania locations.  The film stars: Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Aussie actress Jacki Weaver as well as Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Tucker.

The film was photographed on various Pennsylvania locations by Japanese cinematographer Masanobu Takayanagi (The Grey; Babel).  Technicolor-Postworks NY handled the lab processing of 2-perf and 3-perf 35mm negative; the facility also provided telecine performed by John Potter.

Film-out work will be performed before the film’s theatrical release on November 21st.