January 11, 2017

STRATA Biofeedback Makes VR Experience Truly Interactive

The Mill’s STRATA is a radical re-imagining of biometric VR experiences with potential applications spanning across industries.
  • STRATA uses Unreal game engine technology and is compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.
  • The project to advance future uses of VR was led by executive creative director Rama Allen.

Technicolor’s The Mill is kicking off the new year with something truly groundbreaking: a biometric VR experience called STRATA, which you can catch at CES 2017.

STRATA takes you on a personal journey of your own making. That’s because you control the experience with your own bio feedback. Your heart rate, breathing, stress levels, even your thoughts (via brain waves) determine – and change – what you see and hear around you.

Think of STRATA as a VR connection to your inner world. Instead of a handheld device or physical movement, the goal is to use your own biometrics as a controller. As you become calmer, prepare to levitate through immersive worlds in the STRATA universe: subterranean lake, meadow, floating island, Aurora, and Nebula.

Through visual and aural biofeedback cues, you’ll actually learn to “tune” your biometrics to navigate up and down through these environments, and change their color, form, and location. Along the way, you’re training yourself to be more mindful of physiological states that can ultimately help you improve your health and activity performance levels.

STRATA represents a radical step forward in VR and responsive immersive experiences, with potential applications spanning multiple industries and vertical markets, including sports and athletics, medical and healthcare, wellness and psychology, and more.

Here’s a teaser short that provides just a taste of the STRATA experience.



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