February 16, 2017

Stream, Binge, or Watch Regular Programming With AirTV Player

Technicolor and AirTV offer viewers an easy way to enjoy new OTT streaming services along with their regular OTA TV channels.
  • For consumers, AirTV’s Mitch Weinraub says AirTV Player addresses “one of the biggest concerns they have with streaming services.”
  • For operators, AirTV Player enables them to realize opportunities inherent with Android TV, says Technicolor’s Brian Jentz.

The recently-launched AirTV Player – a unique Android TV streaming device combining Over-the-Top (OTT) and Over-the-Air (OTA) capabilitieshas already gained widespread industry attention, winning eight awards and making a national appearance on ABC’s Live With Kelly.

Technicolor developed the AirTV Player – which features built-in advanced Wi-Fi, Android TV and Netflix certification, tuner software integration, content security, and Bluetooth voice remote control – in a partnership with AirTV L.L.C. The goal was to answer viewer demand for an easier way to watch new OTT streaming services right alongside their regular OTA programming. As a result, the consumer-friendly device enables network operators to leverage – faster and at lower cost – the open and large-scale opportunities of Google’s Android TV.

“One of the biggest concerns consumers have with streaming services is the lack of access to their local channels,” according to Mitch Weinraub, Director of Product Development for AirTV. “What we’ve done is put together a system that allows them to integrate their local broadcast channels with pay TV services, with streaming services, and wrap all that up in one really user-friendly interface.”

 “The AirTV Player offers a true TV service where content is immediately available for consumption,” explains Brian Jentz, Senior Director with Technicolor Connected Home. “For instance, it enables consumers to access the Sling TV OTT video service along with more than 2000 games and applications in the Google Play store.”

Learn more about the AirTV Player, available now at AirTV.net.