October 16, 2015

Technicolor Delivers Full Picture and Sound Post for Hemlock Grove S3

Technicolor helps close the door on Hemlock Grove’s final mysteries.

Hemlock Grove comes to a riveting and deliciously disturbing conclusion on October 23rd, streamed exclusively on Netflix. Technicolor Toronto has delivered all of the picture and sound post for Hemlock Grove since season one including the following: on-location services, color finishing, Foley, ADR, mixing, and marketing materials through to digital uploads directly to Netflix.  Additionally, versioning in 12 different languages is handled by our Los Angeles office.

As the town’s grim secrets continue to unravel at an alarming pace, Olivia (Famke Janssen), Roman (Bill Skarsgård), Peter (Landon Liboiron,) and Shelley (Madeleine Martin) are introduced to mysterious new people while facing dangerous and unexpected obstacles. The series is from Gaumont International Television and executive producer Eli Roth, and Hemlock Grove is based on Brian McGreevy’s novel of the same name. Showrunner Charles H. (Chic) Eglee returns for the ten-episode final season, which is slated to stream exclusively on Netflix beginning October 23.