October 23, 2010

Technicolor launches low-cost, high performance DSL gateway

802.11n and excellent environmental performance combine in new entry-level product

Paris, October 27, 2010 – Technicolor (Euronext Paris : TCH ; NYSE : TCH) today announced the launch of the TG582, a new and extremely cost-effective DSL gateway with Wi-Fi connectivity and a 3G capability to back up the ADSL broadband WAN. Like all new Technicolor products, it is designed with the highest environmental standards in mind, a factor which is becoming more critical for end users.

The gateway provides a simple interface with ADSL circuits, including an ethernet router and 802.11n capable Wi-Fi. To provide a back-up for the DSL circuit and to aid in roll-out and support it also includes the capability to connect a 3G wireless dongle to provide an alternative source of broadband. Internally it is built with extensive memory to allow the gateway to be extended and upgraded in place, with full TR-69  capabilities for remote management.

With virtually all modern devices from smart phones to laptops being ready for 802.11n speed Wi-Fi it has become a requirement even at the lowest end of the ADSL market,” said Georges Laplanche, Senior Vice President, Connect Division at Technicolor. “Because of Technicolor’s unrivalled experience, including more than 100 million gateways delivered, we can build an extremely cost-effective product without compromising on the real functionality we know consumers need.

To give users direct control over the power consumption of the device it includes a physical on-off switch for the Wi-Fi, and an Eco mode button which activates low power operation states. Even with the Wi-Fi operational, the TG582 remains compliant with EU code of conduct V3 for environmental performance, which sets out strict limits on the power consumption of devices such as gateways. The excellent environmental stewardship includes careful selection of non-polluting packaging materials and components.


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