September 06, 2016

Technicolor London Whisks You Back In Time With Poldark

Enjoy some of Technicolor London’s amazing work on Poldark airing on BBC One Sunday nights starting September 4th.
  • Technicolor London’s expert sound and picture post-production teams returned to work on the second season of the BBC One historical drama.

Excited fans no longer have to wait for the return of Ross Poldark (Aiden Turner) in the hit series Poldark! Set in the 18th century in picturesque Cornwall, season two promises more romantic intrigue over eight exciting episodes.

Sound post-production was undertaken at Technicolor London by the dynamic duo Richard Straker and Gareth Bull, Sound Mixer and Head of Sound respectively. Gareth Bull said, “‘from the outset, we knew that Poldark required a rich and vibrant mix. Having the beautiful, wide landscapes of Cornwall juxtapose the claustrophobic interior mine scenes gave us the perfect opportunity to enhance the environments and create different moods using our soundscape.”

Picture post-production was completed by Technicolor Senior Colorist John Claude who noted that, “It was wonderfully exciting to work on Series 2 of Poldark. In the grade we joined up the main house locations with the wonderful sweeping landscapes of Cornwall and worked closely on showcasing the brilliant cast and costume detail.”

Watch a sneak peak of the series below.