June 25, 2015

Webcast: LTE Broadband Internet Access to the Home Offers New Opportunities for Mobile Operators

[subscribe_reminder]In the face of an increasingly saturated smartphone market, mobile operators seeking new revenue streams are finding profitable new opportunities by leveraging existing investments in Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks to take advantage of connected home strategies.

To optimize their offerings, however, mobile operators would do well to partner with experts that understand the complexity of bringing such advanced services into the home.

In an effort to better understand the challenges and opportunities mobile operators face in bringing LTE broadband to the home, we reached out to Olivier Lafontaine, Director of Strategy & Product Management, Technicolor.

Lafontaine is uniquely qualified to see both sides of the LTE broadband equation: he spent five years at ST-Ericsson, where he led the business development team and worked with smartphone customers to develop the first 4G devices.

Tune in to the webcast below to hear what he had to say about the opportunities LTE presents to mobile operators who wish to harvest new revenue opportunities by providing broadband services to the home.

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