Registered: the issuer of the shares is provided with your name and you are recognized as a shareholder.


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Your shares are directly registered within Technicolor shareholder accounts where the custody register is currently managed by the Société Générale.

Under these holding conditions, you are exempt from paying handling charges as well as certain day-to-day management fees such as:

  • fees related to dividend payment
  • fees related to share transactions (capital increase)

Administered registered shares: your shares are registered in Technicolor accounts but kept in custody of the financial agent of your choice. Your shares remain registered with your financial intermediary, who takes care of both share custody and management. These types of holding conditions enable you to regroup your shares in a single portfolio and enables Société Générale to both identify you and establish direct, personal contact with you.

You can contact Société Générale:

Visit their Web site : https://sharinbox.societegenerale.com/

Société Générale’s address :

32 rue du Champ de Tir
BP 81236
44312 NANTES Cedex 3, France

Bearer: your shares are held by the financial intermediary of your choice. Technicolor does not have access to any information regarding your identity. The financial intermediary is your only contact for stock market orders or invitations to the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, for example.


To be entitled to a dividend payment, you have to own a Technicolor share on the "detachment" date.

No action on your end is required to collect your dividend: it is automatically credited to your securities account by your financial intermediary if you hold bearer or administered registered  shares, or paid by Société Générale by check or wire transfer if you have pure registered shares.


The General Shareholders’ Meeting held on April 9, 2015 has, with respect to financial year 2014, approved the distribution of a dividend of €0.05 per share, payable in cash from May 22, 2015.

May 20, 2015: Detachment date
May 22, 2015: Dividend payment