1. Pure registered shares: your shares are directly registered within Vantiva shareholder accounts where the custody register is currently managed by the Société Générale Securities Services.

Under these holding conditions, you are exempt from paying handling charges as well as certain day-to-day management fees such as:

  • fees related to dividend payment;
  • fees related to share transactions (capital increase).

Download the pure registered shares guide

You can contact Société Générale Securities Services:

  • by phone: 00 33 2 51 85 67 89
  • by fax: 00 33 2 51 85 62 15
  • by email: directly through your SHARINBOX mailbox
  • on its website : https://sharinbox.societegenerale.com/
  • by post to the following address:
    • Société Générale Securities Services
    • 32 rue du Champ de Tir
    • BP 81236
    • 44312 NANTES Cedex 3, France


  1. Administered registered shares: your shares are registered in Vantiva accounts but kept in custody of the financial agent of your choice. Your shares remain registered with your financial intermediary, who takes care of both share custody and management. These types of holding conditions enable you to regroup your shares in a single portfolio and enables Vantiva to both identify you and establish direct, personal contact with you.
  2. Bearer shares: your shares are held by the financial intermediary of your choice. Vantiva does not have access to any information regarding your identity. The financial intermediary is your only contact for stock market orders or invitations to the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, for example.




Without prejudice to the provisions of law, our bylaws provide that any individual or entity, acting alone or in concert, who becomes, directly or indirectly, the owner of 0.5% or any multiple thereof, of the total number of shares or voting rights of the Company must notify the Company within four trading days of exceeding the threshold by registered/certified letter with return receipt requested, by fax, or by telex indicating whether the shares or voting rights are or are not held for the account of, under the control of, or in concert with other legal entities or individuals.

This duty applies under the same conditions when the equity holding or the voting rights fall below the thresholds mentioned above.

In the event of a failure to comply with the duty to declare provided for above, the shareholder could, under the conditions and within the limits defined by the provisions of the statutory law and regulations in force, be deprived of the right to vote pertaining to the shares exceeding the threshold at issue. This penalty is independent of such penalty as may be decided by judicial decision upon application by the chairman, by one shareholder, or by the Securities Exchange Transactions Authority.

For the purpose of determining the thresholds referred to above, the shares or voting rights held indirectly and the shares or voting rights analogous to the shares or voting rights possessed, as defined by the provisions of Articles L.233-7, et seq., of the Commercial Code shall also be taken into account.

The declarant must certify that the declaration made does include all of the securities giving immediate or future access to the capital of the company that are held or possessed within the meaning of the preceding paragraph. The Declarant must also indicate the date or dates of acquisition.

Mutual fund management firms shall be required to perform such reporting for the entirety of the voting rights pertaining to the shares of the company held by the funds that they manage. 

Please send your notification of threshold crossing to the Investor Relations:

  • By registered/certified letter with return receipt requested to:
      Investor Relations
      8-10 rue du Renard
      75004 PARIS
  • Or by email at: vantiva.investor.relations@vantiva.net