June 03, 2016

Technicolor’s The Mill Helps The Guardian Create 6x9: A Virtual Experience Of Solitary Confinement

Technicolor’s VFX company The Mill is enlisted to help Pulitzer Prize-winning media outlet The Guardian create 6x9: A Virtual Experience of Solitary Confinement, conveying to users what it feels like to be confined to a 6’ x 9’ jail cell.

The Guardian launched their first virtual reality experience, 6x9: A Virtual Experience of Solitary Confinement, at theTribeca Film Festival in April to rave reviews and stunned audiences. The innovative piece, directed by Francesca Panetta and Lindsay Poulton along with creative director Carl Addy, was created to help raise awareness and generate discussion around the prevalence of extended solitary confinement in the U.S. prison system in the form of a unique immersive virtual reality experience.

Collaborating closely with The Guardian, an interactive team from The Mill worked to produce the nine-minute long documentary-style VR experience. 6x9places the viewer inside a solitary confinement cell with little more than a bed and toilet. The confined space prompts an array of psychological effects including blurred vision, hallucinations, and a sense of floating that may occur after long-term sensory deprivation.

To learn more about 6x9 and other amazing VR experiences, be sure to visit TheMill.com.

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