February 03, 2020

Technicolor, The Mill and MPC Cover Super Bowl LIV with a Stellar Roster of Winning Commercials

Technicolor and our family of creative studios worked on over 40 spots that aired during this year’s big game.

Technicolor, The Mill and MPC are once again thrilled to have worked on many of this year’s exciting Super Bowl ads that aired as the San Francisco 49ers faced off against the Kansas City Chiefs. 

This year marked the 54th big game and the 100th season of NFL Football – and the creative teams really gave their all! The AdMeter results reveal that our creative studios worked on 5 spots out of the top 10! Watch the full ads below and we think you’ll agree there were no fumbles in their game.

Jeep — Groundhog Day

The Mill

This Jeep ad featuring actor, Bill Murray and his role in the cult-classic film ‘Groundhog Day’ took the #1 AdMeter spot for Super Bowl LIV.  This delightful comic spot has more than 25 million views on YouTube to date. 

Rocket Mortgage — Comfortable

The Mill

Featuring Jason Momoa, the Rocket Mortgage ‘Comfortable’ commercial illustrates what home means to people. It’s where you can be your true self.  This spot came in at number 5 on the AdMeter with a 6.60 average rating and 73 thousand YouTube views.

Michelob Ultra — Jimmy Works It Out


This 60-second spot from FCB stars late-night host Jimmy Fallon and pro-wrestler John Cena. Cena tries to encourage Fallon to let go of his hatred for working out with the promise of Michelob Ultra as a post-workout beer.

Walmart — Famous Visitors

The Mill

In this super-charged version of last year’s pre-game ad, the big-box retailer spotlights famous visitors from a dozen movie and TV shows, including Toy Story, Star Wars and Mars Attacks.

Audi — Let It Go


This delightful spot from 72andSunny shows Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams belting out a song from Disney’s Frozen while stuck in traffic. This gentle rebuke of gas-guzzling cars is a plug for Audi’s electric vehicles.

Snickers — Fix the World

The Mill 

The world is out of sorts and has a number of problems, including parents naming children after produce, people talking on speaker phones in public, and grown men riding scooters. Snickers plans to ‘Fix the World’ by burying a giant candy bar in the ground.

Kia — Tough Never Quits


This commercial from David & Goliath features the Las Vegas Raiders’ Josh Jacobs in conversation with his younger self and touches on topics such as youth homelessness. Color by MPC.

Amazon — Before Alexa

The Mill and MPC

One of the top 5 AdMeter ads for Super Bowl LIV, this spot features Ellen DeGeneres and her wife, actress Portia de Rossie, wondering what people did before Alexa. The spot journeys back through time to illustrate a set of scenarios without Alexa.  MPC colorist Jean-Clement Soret provided color and The Mill provided VFX.

Bud Light — Inside Post's Brain

The Mill 

This spot from Wieden & Kennedy New York portrays Post Malone facing the dilemma of choosing between Bud Light and seltzer. A fight between two men in his head who represent his emotions about which to choose ensues with comic results.  

Bud Light — Post’s Mango Experience

The Mill

From Wieden & Kennedy, the second Bud Light spot shows Post Malone ordering a mango-flavored Bud Light Seltzer which gets approval from his stomach, nose and his spleen which turns out to be a jealous balding man in a desk job. Bud Light let social media decide which spot aired during the Super Bowl - the winner was 'Inside Post’s Brain.'

GMC — Quiet Revolution


GM announced their brand-new Hummer Model M via their Super Bowl spot entitled, ‘Quiet Revolution.’ The spot stars LeBron James and features Color and VFX by MPC.

Cheetos Popcorn — Can't Touch This

The Mill

From the good folks at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners comes a Cheetos’ Super Bowl spot starring MC Hammer illustrating all the things you CAN’T touch after eating Cheetos Popcorn.

Marvel — Super Bowl LIV Disney +

The Technicolor Marketing Services team, which handles marketing post-production for many of the industry’s top studios, was so excited to continue our partnership with Marvel as we worked on their Super Bowl spot for Disney+.  Travis Flynn did the color for the commercial and Jonah Braun did the graphics finishing for the three main titles highlighted in the piece. We were able to host multiple interactive sessions across several locations where the shows are being shot, working hand-in-hand with the team at Marvel, the productions’ VFX teams, and DPs for each of the titles.

Visit our winning teams at Technicolor, The Mill and MPC for more creative talent highlights.

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