Timothy Vincent

Senior Final Colorist

Technicolor Los Angeles Colorists

Timothy grew up in a very artistic family. His father was a painter, photographer and musician, while his brothers excelled in music and fine art. Outside of his family, Timothy’s artistic influences include Ansel Adams and Frank Lloyd Wright. He loves to spend hours wandering museums and galleries, taking in the brilliance of artists from around the world.

When he’s not at work, Timothy enjoys photography, playing beach volleyball and spending time with his family. Timothy’s favorite film is The Godfather, which also stars one of his favorite characters - Michael Corleone.  That’s not to say that Michael Corleone embodies Timothy’s idea of a hero, since he reserves that term for anyone who helps others while expecting nothing in return.

When it comes to work and art, or rather work that is art, Timothy believes that you should always, “strive to develop the very best skills you can to support the task you are trying to achieve.”

Timothy sees Technicolor as an environment filled with the creative energy of thriving artists and he loves to work with other creatives and clients who just want to be there, working on their shows with incredibly talented people.

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  • 4 HPA Awards nomination (1 win - Mad Men)

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